Nice place to find pretty buntings to decorate your camper. Hello...glamping.



We outgrew our Pop up, having the two younger boys fighting while sharing a bed was getting less and less fun for all of us, we needed something bigger. We bought a travel trailer on Craig's list from a lovely family.​

I was delighted to have another project to keep me busy ( working, taking care of the house and my 3 hours daily commute was not enough.). 





Here is our new Skampy

The fading,cracking outside decals were replaced by newer ones. even though the ghost image of the old ones is still visible, I hope it will fade over time. 


First we picked a theme with the kids, they picked the Hedgehog, and for a name Skampy. I ordered cute vinyl decals for the inside and the outside of the camper, I like to have the kids involved in our family project. I was to spend all my available time with Skampy for the next month, every square inch has been repainted and curtains, upholstery have been renewed.

The plan was to transform this travel tailer into a little comfy cocoon like a mini hotel room, so we can relax on our outdoor week ends. 


I always thought that campers look better in a lighter color it makes the small space look more spacious, all the wooden surface were primed with a spray primer and painted in a white semi-gloss, the walls were painted in a light grey eggshell ( Music room from Glidden) and all the curtains were made out of an aqua cotton velvet from Ikea ( I purchased large curtains and use the fabric to make custom size curtains) The hardware was also primed and spray painted in silver.


All the bedlinens are from Ikea,100% cotton, we used the ones we had in the pop up except for the aqua sheets and pillow cases the are new, we used the same light comforters we had in the pop up, we bought a new memory foam mattress for the queen bed, we picked a foam mattress as it has to be lifted to reach into the storage compartment underneath. Each family member has a small extra soft and fluffy blanket to cuddle at nap time or to take outside on cold evenings by the camp fire.The flowers in the corner, my favorite gift from my computer obsessed son, are a pixalized foam representation of a vase and bouquet,

Both the younger boys have their own space , with little hanging compartment for their small toys. and a small wooden ladder reclaimed from a boat yard was added to help the younger one reach the top bunk, a small basket was secured on top of the thermostat to protect it from the little feet after it was kicked a couple of times.

 The mini bathroom was painted in the same colors as the rest of the camper and the preexisting wire shelves are  now turned into a towel rack. All the necessities are neatly tucked away in the closets, the space is too small to handle clutter.

 The kitchen is now cheerful and some extra storage was added: The microwave was removed and replaced by a small white crate to hold safely toaster, rice cooker and wooden cutting boards The curtain rods are from Ikea. All dishes, accessories and kitchen linen are matching in either white or a soft aqua color, the unity of color helps to tie together a very small space. The aqua tea kettle adds a homey touch .

The dinette was reupholstered with light ikea blankets sewn into pillow case style covers,( I sew together two rectangles, one longer than the other one to create a pocket like a regular pillow case.) It was supposed to be a temporary solution, but 3 years and a couple of wash later they still look presentable.  The refrigerator was painted to blend in the room.The hedgehog decal can be seen on the wall.


The trailer was in good shape, but it had seen better days, it was the traditional all wood interior,  and had been redecorated with black and orange accents, the faded upholstery needed to be changed and the curtains had already been discarded.

this is just me!  Trying to feed my family organic food, detoxify our home and teach our children simple, spiritual values. sounds beautiful, doesn'it?, it is not always the picture perfect family one can imagine, it is a crazy bunch, but we take it one day at a time and try to have fun in the process......

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