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Happy is Simple

The society we live in is driven by Money....It creates in our mind a distorted image of happiness leading us to believe that the latest fashion, the newest car, the bigger house.....will make us happier, and we are all buying into it ( literally)

Think about the end of your life, will you be happier knowing that you left a legacy behind you, that you are loved, cherished and will be missed, that you made a difference in other people's life? At that critical time your material possession will not matter, after all is said and done, all that matter is LOVE, and only LOVE, we all know that "Money can't buy me love"


Our homes are filled to the rim with hundreds and hundreds of objects which don't seem to make us happier but rather overwhelmed, one needs to keep all those things organized, and if you have children, you are familiar with the aggravation of getting a child to clean his room.  We had an eye opening experience when, as a family, we watched a documentary. We learned that not only all our possessions made our life so much more complicated, it also killed the animals and destroyed the planet. This is when my three wonderful boys, my husband and myself said "Enough already!" and we started our journey toward a simpler and happier life.








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this is just me!  Trying to feed my family organic food, detoxify our home and teach our children simple, spiritual values. sounds beautiful, doesn'it?, it is not always the picture perfect family one can imagine, it is a crazy bunch, but we take it one day at a time and try to have fun in the process......

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